Tis the Season...

To Whomever This May Concern,

Tis the season for hot chocolate and coffee. Wait... not in AZ. It's still in the 100's here. Quite frankly, I'm getting so sick of the heat. I'm ready for the cold weather. Sweater weather. I need this in my life.

I'm ashamed of myself for this, but I finally caved in to play Skyrim and Oblivion again (for the umptenth time). I know, I know. Someone needs to slap some sense into me, and tell me to stop procrastinating.

I've been itching to work on some puzzles. I can spend hours putting one together. It's mesmerizing and addicting.

For the last few weeks, I've been watching more TV and movies. When I say TV, I really mean Hulu. I recently finished catching up on The Walking Dead, and while waiting for upcoming episodes, I've been watching random movies. Some from Disney, some classics from the 80's, you know, the usual. I also can't seem to tear myself away from My 600 lb Life. I love seeing people work on taking care of themselves. It's inspiring for me. I've learned so much about proper nutrition from Dr. Nowzaradan. I need him as my primary care physician.

I look forward to Halloween. Soon, I'll be sipping eggnog while enjoying peppermint flavored beverages. Those two things alone make it feel like Christmas and winter time for me. Let's just hope that there's no season finale to 2020.

With all due respect,

C.D. Muller

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