New Year, New Beginnings...

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

From the Desk of C.D. Muller

Welcome to the ramblings of a mad woman. Please, don't mind the dragons. They don't bite much.

Allow me to make coffee and tea. Here is a sneak peak of what I'm working on for Armageddon. Granted, it's only the synopsis. I've already written 83 pages of the actual book so far. I won't lie, it's hard staying on track.

Hand-written 4 page synopsis for Armageddon

Notes, Bits, and Scraps

I tend to always have many bits of paper with different notes scattered around. I'm using this new year as an excuse to get me back to writing again. Here is a small snippet from my third book:

Time is an illusion. It's nothing more than an idea that events always occur in a linear direction. It moves forward, never back. Is it relevant?

Where To Go From Here?

It feels so good to get back into writing again. This last year was definitely... challenging? That wouldn't even be the right way to describe it. I felt like I was trapped in a daze with how fast my life changed. I was on auto-pilot for most of the last 7 months, and just... going through the motions. I almost gave up on writing and art (I know it's in my biography), but it's true. There were times where I didn't think anything I did was worth it. Nothing helped take away my pain at the time.

Yet here I am. I'm glad to be back in action to do what I love doing best. Since I've been feeling better, it helps to keep myself busy with my projects. I've been itching to do more artwork lately. Especially painting tigers.

It's a fluffy tiger.

Within the next month or so, I plan to release a sneak peek for Armageddon's cover. I honestly can't wait to finish the trilogy so that I can finally move on to other ideas.

Here is to a happy, successful, and hopeful 2020.

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