Sixteen-year-old Selena Liongod has never been in aerial combat. She doesn't know any magic and has never ridden a dragon before.

With no memories of her past, she forms an unusual alliance with Thor, a dragon with telepathic powers. Yet there is one problem: it's illegal for women to be dragon riders.

Selena and Thor make a difficult decision: Selena disguises herself as a boy so she and Thor can keep their bond by joining the Imperial Air Force of Dragon Riders. Throughout their adventures, the pair travel across the Empire and find new friends, aerial combat, and magic.

Yet a great evil awaits them... if they can survive the encounter.


Following the Battle of Alfheim, a new danger threatens the Empire. Malevolent dragon-like monsters attack the Elven city. Now, the Council seeks to launch a daring offensive.

Selena Liongod of the Imperial Air Force and her extraordinary dragon, Thor, are waylaid by the Council with urgent orders: Selena and Thor must deliver four special dragon eggs to Snowhaven that will help turn the tides of war. They find themselves in a race against time to travel across the Empire to deliver the precious cargo.

Yet once the pair reaches the capital, more discoveries and darker dangers await.

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